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Video documentation


In 2018, I participated in the All-Russian competition for young artists Untitled Prize with the painting “Every Heart Seeking Affection.” The jury members included Andrey Bartenyev, head of the Russian representative office of Sotheby’s, Irina Stepanova, art critic and curator, Sergei Khachaturov, head of the department of new trends at the State Tretyakov Gallery. Out of 500 participants, I was shortlisted, and the organizers invited me to Moscow with the film.

Video projectUntitled Race This is a documentation of my trip to Moscow for the exhibition, but the most amazing thing was waiting for me at the very end.

Together with Sotheby’s, the foundation had another project related to the competition. Before the opening of the exhibition, they organized a charity auction, hosted by Lord Poltimore. The auction featured ten works from Sotheby’s competition finalists, including my work.

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