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personal exhibition of DRUSBA in the Rostokino Gallery


The idea of the exhibition is built on two main components: firstly, around buffoonery as a cultural phenomenon, and secondly, around laughter in its very essence. We continue the favorable tradition of the Bylina GPT-2 project, presented at the DPI museum. The exhibition begins with the legend of our connection to the community of jesters and takes the viewer through a spiral of irony and sarcasm, making it suitable for children as well, since our parallel program pays special attention to school-aged children.

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Photos, graphics, sculpture, performance, video art, stickers, advertising and more

Exhibition strategy:
Our field of study is the gradations of humor and the inversion of familiar meanings.

Exhibition engine


Let's take the phrase "I'm a fool"

Let's say that this is a fact -
I'm really a fool:

Irony - "I I’m not a fool and I’m ironic about the fact that I’m a fool.”

Postirony “It’s not clear whether I’m really a fool or if this is irony.”

Metairony - “I say that I’m a fool, absolutely openly
Yes, but people think it's ironic.".

Take a look, take a look
you turn into jesters already

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Totem animals


In ancient times there were patrons who endowed heroes with their qualities. However, in my case, animals are presented as heroes of memes, sort of acting as patrons of irony. Perhaps in this gallery the audience found their totem animal, which helped them look at this exhibition with a new eye and became a guide to the next rooms. 

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The series of canvases is created on the principle of a patchwork quilt, sewn from crab bags of modern mass market brands, and the style is reminiscent of the old Russian lubok style. In the center of the room there is a cone-shaped pedestal with an empty IKEA jug, on which swans are depicted. This motif echoes one of the animals depicted.