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This video has been deleted.


Single channel video - 10 minutes


A single-channel video work designed to demonstrate the global relationship between a person and his data in social networks. The phone is the focus of every user's attention, it is both a tool and a murder weapon. The video captures a closed presentation of the case "I am a RELICT", which offers the user a unique decision-making methodology to achieve life comfort. The methodology is formed autonomously based on the collection of digital data from social networks, the process takes place without the participation of an operator using the unique algorithms of the “QUIET CORP” neural network.


Storytelling is closely tied to human nature and technology, and in between are social network engineers and corporations entrusted with developing solutions to society's problems. The installation demonstrates a dual view of the existential problem of a modern person - the fact that the display, and the phone display itself, trivially refer to the dichotomy "to be or to appear." In this case, the corporation is trying to answer the question - "What am I?", Which is identical to the user, but not to the person himself.