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Roma Soida
Graduate of BHSAD / MSCA

Works in the genres of video art, graphics, digital painting and conceptualism.

Daria Semenova

Graduate of BHSAD / MSCA

M ultimedia artist. Works with painting, sculpture, installations, video art and analog photography.

Drusba ( English Drusba) - Creative association, which arose on January 23, 2021, in the melancholic period of contemporary art in Russia. The group appeared while studying at the British Higher School of Art and Design, the participants were united by a critical assessment of current events, a common circle of interests and research topics. Working in different places, living different lives, the participants in an ironic manner align communication with the viewer, touching on the popular agenda of the polarization of power and digital totalletarism . Drusba's projects put the problem at the very center of the everyday life of the city dweller.



With the support of the British Higher School of Art and Design, an exhibition-intervention "We have lived so strange for two thousand years" will open. This is a dialogue between young artists graduates of the course "Contemporary Art" of the Moscow School of Contemporary Art with the "Russian style" - the most important phenomenon in the decorative arts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Artists act as interpreters of cultural traditions, addressing the problems of the Russian style through quoting and rethinking myths, images, symbols, objects, literature.


Spatial objects, ceramics,

polymorphus, synthetic fabric, direct print.



The project "Epic GPT-2" is a series of objects created by artists based on storylines that appeared after combining the Russian folk epic "Vavila and the buffoons" with the work of V. Pelevin "Omon Ra", as well as with V. Sorokin's novel "Sugar Kremlin ”.


The authors of the project combined the epic with each of the works using the neural algorithm “GPT-2”, which has a huge number of parameters. As a result, the algorithm produced two completely different narrative versions of one of them, which became the starting point for the development of the project.


Appealing to the plot of the two epics, the artists created sculptural objects and graphics, which were integrated into the museum space in such a way as to create a sense of dialogue between the DRUSBA objects and the permanent museum exhibition.


Among the objects made within the framework of the "Epic GPT-2" project, a special place was taken by the image of the buffoon, which is not only the leitmotif of the exposition, but also becomes for the viewer a trickster guide to the fantasy world, reinterpreted with the help of modern technologies.


Photo from the exhibition "We have lived so strangely for two thousand years." Museum of Decorative Applied Arts, Moscow.

Video report of the Kultura TV channel. Dasha Semenova talks about the project.

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