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In every picture something remains unclear.

Masking tape, a foil appliqué like a gift wrapper, a stroke on the plaster with the end of a brush, and on top of that a figurative drawing that looks like it was torn from the pages of a notebook.

The works look like they were created hastily, but if you look closely at the canvas, the smallest details invite you to look deeper. Under the layer of plaster lies a purple trace of carbon paper, and under the foil a canary yellow background is accidentally visible.

And if we think about how the work was created using masking tape, then we lose our fulcrum. I deliberately introduced difficulty by choosing a non-standard approach to creating the work.

The effort I put in is equal to the time I put in. What can be done in a few hours under the bright light of a projector takes me several weeks. The image must convince me so that I can call it ready. It was this metaphor that I decided to play on, leaving the painting as if it had been taken by surprise. As I walk by, I perceive a long history in subtle touches, running through the layers of foil tape, plaster and masking tape. For me, this series will remain an unsaid story, perhaps someone else will reveal it.

She is coming there

150 x 100 cm

Canvas, masking tape, tempera


150 x 100 cm

Canvas, foil tape, tempera

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