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Mental exhibitionism is a form of deviant psychological behavior in which psychological satisfaction is achieved by displaying a collection of one's frustrations to strangers, as well as in public places. As a rule, the psychoexhibitionist does not count on establishing any lasting relationship with the victims of his acts. This constant or intermittent need for existential reward stems from exposing your inner collection to strangers in public and social media.


I am researching the subject of obsessions in the modern person. Taking off my pants, opening the hem of my coat with numerous sewn-on objects, I show my body tattooed with my drawings. Thus, I turn my I into an object, and my personality into a self-made gallery, the doors of which open under the pressure of feelings of alienation and dissatisfaction.


The presentation of the project took place at a private viewing at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art MSCA in 2020.

Performance documentation. In this context, a trench coat with sketchbooks is presented as an independent object for expose.

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