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video art
duration: 7:25 minutes

A place:

British Higher School of Design

Moscow School of Contemporary Art

What: Viewing the final project of Roma Soid, a second-year student of the "Contemporary Art" department.

Judges: Mikhail Levin, Zhanna Bobrakova, Konstantin Plotnikov


The British Higher School of Art and Design in the Russian art community positions itself as a progressive platform with an impressive teaching staff and a wide range of applied practices (from a professional photography studio to a pottery workshop).

MOSCOW SCHOOL OF CONTEMPORARY ART is a project of the University of Creative Industries Universal University, which combines more than 10 years of experience of the British Higher School of Design in the field of art, international education and interaction with key art institutions in Russia and other countries.

This is video documentation from one of the blocks of the department of contemporary art BHSAD / MSCA , in this block I, along with other students, touched on the topic of "Personal Mythology". I took myth-making literally, and equated the act of planning with mythical action. A plan, like a myth, tells about a person's place at a certain point in time. The organization of your personal time with the help of tudu sheets develops into a visual form of narration . Where I simultaneously see what I did and what it led to. Why didn't I pay attention to specific works, but gave priority to viewing video documentation? Each individual list or item does not matter to me, the totality of the lists creates the integrity of the myth. I tried to take this narrative out of the context of my room and see what it would become in the context of the final project. The second important point was communication with the institution - at first glance, this dialogue did not work out.

James Elkins, in his book Why You Can't Teach Art , devoted several chapters to critiques of the work of art students. Artistic criticism is very different from the philosophical attempt to find rational conditions for learning something. Contemporary artists usually do not create works to please the authorities and do not even think about how to please the local art community with their work.

With this project I wanted to create a closed space of myth, not think about anyone else, and focus on the inner spectator. To-do lists are personal, sometimes intimate, I bring out in the field meanings that concerned people with whom I worked and were in close relationships. And the viewer is given the opportunity to spy on how a personal mythology arises, which is very difficult to evaluate critically.

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