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personal exhibition


IN 2014year I founded a creative association called “Melting” (PLAVLENIE), which became a kind of haven for graphic artists, artists and graffiti artists. Together we strived for creative freedom, inspired by the streets and the possibility of self-expression. Time flows inexorably, and each of us has gone our own way.

PLAVLENIE 2014-2016

In 2022 year I presented a speculative solo exhibition called"Plaviteli Leni". It presented my works over different years, my paintings are heterogeneous in style, and the curator of the site (Rinat Mustafin) came up with an idea false polyphony. At the same time, this creative association became an excellent excuse to meet with friends whom we managed to invite.  

False polyphony is a concept that creates the impression of diversity among the contributors or sources of works, despite the fact that all the works actually belong to a single author or small group.


Exhibition/bar WIP

Opening of the exhibition

Final lecture about the exhibition and personal experience. Presentation with examples of work and illustrations about the personal crisis and collapse of PLAVLENIE. 

Creative association began and ended false polyphony. It was wonderful to meet old acquaintances and friends. Special thanks to vuvyzgr for the excellent soundtrack. 

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